Resources For Living®

Connecting you to local help and resources.


Community support for life’s everyday hurdles

As an Aetna® Medicare Advantage member or caregiver, you have access to our program that helps you find resources in your community. It’s our Resources For Living program. 

Our team can research and help you find services that include:

  • Contractors to do some work around the house  

  • Short and long-term housing 

  • Community transportation

  • Activities at your local senior center 

We can also suggest options to help caregivers manage everyday needs. All to help make life easier for you. 

Understanding your community resources can help you achieve your health ambitions. Your health goals lead the way. So, wherever you want your health to take you, whatever your life stage, we’ll keep finding new ways to join you. We believe that getting the right help when you need it can lead to better health.

For more information, call us at 1-866-370-4842  (TTY: 711), Monday to Friday, 8 AM to 6 PM for all continental U.S. time zones.


How it works

There’s no cost to speak with Resources For Living consultants. But if you choose to use services that have associated costs, you’ll need to pay those expenses. For example, if you need home cleaning help, you'll need to pay those costs. 

See how it worked for Mary, Fran and Stan*

Elderly man kissing a woman on the cheek as she smiles.

Mary cares for her husband with dementia

Mary and Bob have been married for 53 years. Unfortunately, Bob suffers from dementia and Mary has been Bob’s caregiver for the past several years. Although Mary’s love for Bob is unwavering, she finds the demands of caregiving tiring and challenging. She could really use a break. An Aetna Resources For Living consultant connects Mary with adult daycare services available in her area. Bob now enjoys a stimulating day each week and Mary finds guilt-free time for herself to reconnect with friends and her interests.

Female wearing a pink top exercising outside with two green weights.

Support for Fran after hip replacement

Fran’s hip replacement was successful and she’s completing a discharge planning education session with Nurse Pat from the Aetna Clinical Nurse team. Pat learns that Fran doesn’t have a support network at home — her children live in different cities. She connects Fran with an Aetna Resources For Living consultant. Knowing that Fran won’t be as mobile after her surgery, the consultant connects Fran with Meals On Wheels and a community transport program in her area. Now Fran can simply focus on healing.

Man and young girl smiling outside.

Stan is ready to take the next step

Stan’s interested in retirement living options for his next phase of life. But he doesn’t know where to start.  Stan connects with an Aetna Resource For Living consultant. Together, they look at retirement living options in Stan’s community based on specific criteria Stan finds important. 

The consultant sets up time for an over-the-phone review of options in the area with Stan and his children. Stan’s now in a better spot to decide which retirement lifestyle option is best for him. He’s ready to take the next step.

Services our consultants can connect you to

  • Cleaning

  • Cooking 

  • Grocery shopping

  • Home-delivered meals 

  • Maintenance and repairs like plumbing, electrical, heating/air conditioning, appliances

  • Car maintenance 

  • Pet care

  • Lawn and landscaping 

  • Housing (short- and long-term)

  • Realtors 

  • Classes to learn skills and explore personal interests

  • Community transportation 

  • Social and recreational activities

  • Caregiver support groups

  • Respite facilities for short-term care to relieve caregivers 

  • Life assistance to manage everyday issues