Rides to your doctor visits

We work hard to remove roadblocks to your health care.


Transportation to your medical appointments

We never want you to miss a medical appointment because you don’t have a way to get there. Your Aetna® Medicare Advantage plan includes non-emergency transportation to your appointments and back home again.

How the program works

Our partner Access2Care will provide up to 24 one-way trips, up to 60 miles per trip. If you need a ride to and from your doctor’s office, you’ll use 2 of your 24.


Here’s how a member might use their transportation benefit:

  • Diane’s* son can take her to an appointment with her cardiologist, but he has to pick up his kids later and can’t make the return trip. Diane uses one trip of her transportation benefit to get home from the doctor. 

  • John’s* neighbor Mary usually takes him to checkups with his primary care doctor, but she’s busy on one appointment day. John needs a ride both to and from the doctor, so he uses two trips. 


Ready to go?

To schedule your ride, call 1-855-648-0391 (TTY: 711), Monday to Friday, 8 AM to 8 PM all time zones. You can also reserve a ride or get more details at Access2Care.net.
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*These are for illustration purposes only and aren’t actual member experiences.